Wedding Huys aan 't Gouw

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Getting married in Hoorn

In an idyllic spot, in the centre of the historic city of Hoorn, lies Huys aan ‘t Gouw. A beautiful 17th-century building with a lush city garden. Here you can get married in fairytale-like surroundings where everything is taken care of down to the last detail. Are you looking for the most beautiful wedding location in the Netherlands? Then you have now found it, here in the centre of Hoorn.

Monumental building

The 17th-century building in the centre of Hoorn was once occupied by a city doctor and his overworked wife. Walking was her therapy. Instead of walking through the beautiful city of Hoorn, the doctor bought up all the gardens of the surrounding properties and laid out a path in the shape of a lemniscate. For the woman, this became the path to recovery. This monumental building is now Huys aan ‘t Gouw, part of Heavens Hotel & The Saint Food & Wine in Hoorn’s Grote Kerk. Huys aan ‘t Gouw and its beautiful city garden is definitely the most beautiful wedding location in the Netherlands.

Celebrate love in an idyllic garden in the city 

The beautiful large garden of Huys aan ‘t Gouw is the perfect setting for your wedding. The location is exclusively at your disposal for the entire day. Weddings, toasts, dinners, photographs, parties and possibly an overnight stay in an intimate setting. Your entire wedding day taken care of down to the last detail at this location in the heart of Hoorn. Say yes to each other and receive your guests at this beautiful unique location in the Netherlands.

Jour wedding day in a nutshell

What does a wedding at Huys aan ‘t Gouw look like? Of course you decide how the day will go. To give you an impression, we will outline what a wedding at this beautiful location in Hoorn might look like.

Guests are escorted – with a glass of bubbly in hand – to their seats in the garden. From the bridal suite, the bride walks into the city garden where the groom is waiting for her. The ceremony can begin!

You are married, congratulations! A toast should be made to that. If there is cake, this is the time to cut it. During the reception, we serve drinks and, for example, crostini sandwiches and warm appetisers – anything is possible here!

Time to go to the table. In the city garden are beautifully set tables for dinner. In consultation with you, a three-course menu has been put together for you and your guests to enjoy. In bad weather, our beautiful spacious rooms are an alternative to the garden activities.

The party will be provided in the ballroom of The Saint in Heavens Hotel – 2 minutes’ walk from the wedding venue Huys aan ‘t Gouw. Open the dance floor with a dance from you together and the party can begin.

Spend the night at the wedding venue in Hoorn

As newlyweds, you can spend the wedding night in the bridal suite Het Zomerhuis in Huys aan ‘t Gouw. Here you will enjoy all the impressions of your most beautiful day together. Are your guests coming from far away? Heavens Hotel has 43 beautiful designer rooms where your guests can spend a heavenly night.


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