Hoorn as a wedding venue


Looking for a special wedding venue for your wedding? Celebrate love at Restaurant The Saint . Both the restaurant, separate party room, like our newest venue ‘Huys aan ‘t Gouw’, are very suitable for your wedding celebration. For both the wedding ceremony and the reception and party. And that in the completely renovated Grote Kerk in the historic heart of this city, where old & new come together. Want to stay overnight? In Heavens Hotel, the night is heavenly. For your guests and for the brand-new bride and groom. The bridal suite awaits you.   Celebrate your wedding at The Saint Food & Wine in Heavens Hotel Hoorn. This includes the wedding with a celebrant, reception, wedding breakfast and/or party. We can help you to think about what you’d like and arrange everything, down to the very last detail. From welcome drinks and wedding cake to a dinner or buffet. From the first dance through to the last dance. And if your guests have travelled a long way, they too can stay in one of our 43 hotel rooms. Obviously not in the bridal suite: that’s already occupied!


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