Weekend in Hoorn

FUN and versatile

Weekend away? Spend a night in Heavens Hotel, located in the renovated Great Church in Hoorn. A unique place to spend a weekend or a holiday. The historical city exudes the feel of the Golden Age. Sleeping in the church transports you back to days gone by, but with a touch of luxury. Accessible and affordable to all.   Heavens Hotel opened in June 2022 after extensive renovation work. Forty-three hotel rooms and a bridal suite were built inside the authentic shell of the 19th-century church. Classical elements were preserved in the hotel rooms and in The Saint restaurant on the ground floor. Staying at this hotel in West-Friesland means a unique stay in a very special Dutch hotel.
Omgeving Hoorn

Characteristic Hoorn hotel and restaurant

This unusual hotel in Hoorn combines a rich pallet of colours and materials with characteristic features from the original church. Take, for example, the church windows, pillars, arched panels and doorways, and stained glass. Come and enjoy the heavenly flavours created in The Saint, either in the restaurant on the ground floor or on the huge outdoor terrace.

Train or boat to and from Hoorn

This harbour town is easy to reach by train, boat or car. The station has excellent connections with Enkhuizen, Zaandam and Amsterdam. The beach on the Markermeer lake is a great place to relax. And it’s a haven for people who enjoy water sports, such as kite surfing and sailing.

Hoorn for shopping and culture

Hoorn boasts a wide range of shops, monuments, museums, exhibitions, galleries and studios. A walk through the historic centre of Hoorn is a cultural experience in itself. Go to a show or a concert at Schouwburg Het Park or Theater Het Pakhuis, or catch a film at Cinema Oostereiland. You won’t be short of something to do during a weekend in Heavens Hotel, the Netherlands’ most unique hotel.